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Scholarships at the AGME

The Guild have two scholarship programs. Application forms and details are obtainable from the Guild office at
Scholarship for holders of the AGME Associate and/or Licentiate Diplomas.

Teachers or holders of these prestigious awards may apply for advanced credit entry into the Faculty of Music Bachelor of Music course.

Scholarship for the Bachelor of Music Course.

AGME have established a special fund allowing access to funding assistance to talented students wishing to study music at the Guild but requiring financial assistance.

Conditions apply Details available from


New PayPal or Credit card payment forms in 2018

The Guild now has forms on webpages with PayPal or Credit Card options.

The following forms will be available:

  • Booklist purchases (available)
  • Examination payments for theory and practical examinations (in March)
  • Teacher registration/re-registration (in March)
  • Course Fee Levy forms


Greta and Jeff Thanks!

A special thankyou to Greta and Jeff for all the work they have contributed over the years for the AGME.

Both Greta and Jeff received a special Certificate of Appreciation recently for all their dedication and hard work over a number of years.

Greta Jeff


New Speech Syllabus Package

A message from Speech examiners, Jan Skinner and Bronwen Hanvey

Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to announce the Guild’s new Speech Syllabus package, effective 1 January 2014, and we ask your assistance in promoting it wherever you have the opportunity.Our five existing syllabi have been updated and redesigned, and two new syllabi have been created.

Oral Communication for ESL students (NEW)

  • A syllabus of 9 levels, culminating in the English Speaker’s Certificate.
  • The focus is on developing the skills of students learning to speak the English language.
  • For use both within Australia and overseas.
  • Presents opportunities for students to discuss/incorporate aspects of their own cultures.

Integrated Drama Programmes (NEW)

  • A syllabus of 6 levels for secondary school students, culminating in the Higher Certificate in Drama Performance.
  • Students incorporate a range of theatre skills into their performances, for example, music, movement, dance, puppets and masks. At the higher levels, students create designs for make-up, costume, set and lighting.

Speech and Drama (updated)

  • The most longstanding within the Speech syllabus package, culminating in three Licentiate Diplomas (Performer, Teacher and Creative Drama).

Oral Communication (updated)

  • A syllabus of 9 levels, culminating in two Associate Diplomas (Public Speaking and Teacher Public Speaking). Complements the Speech and Drama syllabus and provides wider opportunities for Speech on a personal level.

Oral Communication for Small Groups (updated)

  • A syllabus of 6 levels, culminating in the Advanced Certificate in Oral Communication.

Spoken Language Development for Class or Group (updated)

  • A syllabus of 8 levels, culminating in the Higher Certificate in Spoken Language Development.

Choral Speaking for Class or Group (updated)

  • A syllabus for speech choirs, encompassing 9 levels and culminating in the Higher Certificate in Choral Speaking.

Free Syllabus Overview

  • We have provided the Guild office with a Free Syllabus Overview which provides an outline of the entire Speech package. So please refer anyone interested in Speech to the office to obtain a copy.

For further information Please contact

Jan Skinner, Speech Convenor
Phone: 02 6021-4088


Standard Theory Works (2009 on)

Grade Seven
Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in E Minor--Opus 64.
First movement only.

Grade Eight
F J Haydn: Symphony No 104 in D Major--The London.
First movement only.

These works will remain the standard theory works. Teachers or candidates may apply in writing, via the Office, to the Theory Director for a once off approval of a suitable Concerto or Symphony. (See 2006 Theory Director’s report)


New in 2015...


The May series will cease, and theory on demand up to grade 6 will be introduced as a more convenient and flexible way to complete prerequisites for Grade examination requitements. The September series will still remain for all levels.

Practical examination upgrades.

Provision for upgrades will be available for those who have completed Performance OR Recital programs.
Students will be able to present themselves into a regular examination grade and only have to complete the technical requirements and subsections of the grade entered for. The program pieces from their recital or performance examination will be accepted as completed, and the marks awarded will be carried over to their standard grade reports.

Full details will be announced in the 2015 Contact.