Forms & Downloads

Forms & Downloads

Below is a range of our forms and downloads which you might find helpful.

You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar to be able to download and view forms. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Select which area you require a form for from the listing below.

Theory Exam Enrolment – Music, Speech & Drama
Practical Exam Enrolment – Music, Speech & Drama

Apply Now - Tertiary and Higher Education

Book/ Syllabi Order Form 2017

Online Book/ Syllabi Order Form 2018 with online downloadable syllabi

Closing dates for our current round of examinations in your district

Exam fees for non member, registered teachers and self entries in Music

Exam fees for non member, registered teachers and self entries in Speech & Drama

Music Approval Form- This form is for teachers who have students wishing to have music approved for an own choice piece must fill this PDF and send it to the Guild prior to exams.  Please follow instructions listed on the form.

Note: The following is in regards to the traditional piano examination syllabus.
Teachers need not refer to the Guild for approval of a substituted work in these levels unless there is doubt as to the standard of the chosen work. (applies to Steps to Grade 2 level only)
Teachers and candidates should be most careful to maintain adequate contrast in style and comparable difficulty when selecting an "Own Choice" work under this provision.
For ‘Own Choice’ Grade 3 level and above - teachers should send a copy of the piece with a self addressed stamped envelope to Greta Grybaitis at 35 Follett Street, Scullin, ACT, 2614.

QLD Queensland Studies Authority Credit application form (Grade 4 and higher)