Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services

The AGME head office in Kooyong offers an extensive range of intruments & resources to all enrolled students.

Live Video

We offer live video streaming of live lectures plus a huge range of pre-recorded videos.


Forums, chat sessions, video material, textbooks, assignment guides, surveys, essay help, study schedules etc.

Exernal Library

The Guild offers access to external sources such as JSTOR, Groves Online Music, Lynda.com, Ear Master Pro and many more

Leading Software

All students have access to software such as Finale Notepad. Sequencing Software plus more

Online Course Books

All course books are online Students get access to this for no additonal fee.


At the guild we have a huge range of instruments and equipment for all enrolled students to use. A full list is located below.

Resources available to ENROLLED students:

  • Lecture & Practice Rooms
  • 2 Recording Studios with 2 Digital Boss Recording Mixers (with CD writers) plus Pro Tools MBox2, MBox Mini etc.
  • Organs
  • Pianos(baby grand, uprights)
  • Percussion Instruments (2 electric and 1 acoustic drum kit, chimes, tambourines etc.)
  • Cellos (Electric and Acoustic)
  • Double Bass
  • Violins & Violas
  • Trombone
  • An extensive DVD Library
  • Library with over 2000 books relating to music.
  • Computers (18 student PC's)
  • A range of software for sequencing, notating, MIDI, ear training, Media and general documentation.
  • Student recreation areas (kitchen, inside and outside eating areas)

Services available to ENROLLED students:

The below resources are included as part of the course, students will not have any additional charges to their course fees.

  • Campus equipment and resources are available to all students yet some distance students may not be able to attend the Guild and when and where possible the Guild recommends that all students try to visit the Guild yet this is not compulsory and not necessary as most things can be done by video conferencing or U-streaming. Having a hands on with studio equipment however assists the learner to retain valuable information and it is recommended to distance students if they can’t attend once during their course to attend a local music studio for a demonstration of their equipment. 
  • E-learning: Moodle has been incorporated to the new delivery system of the VET and Higher education courses. This consists of forums, chat sessions, video lecture material, textbooks, assignment guides, assignment upload links, surveys, essay help, study schedules etc.
  • JSTOR and Oxford Groves Online Music Libary if/when required for additional referencing.
  • Additional private tutorials are available and are either suggested to students if needed or can be requested by the student.
  • Instrumental Tuition is provided by the Guild but due to some instruments not being the common selected instrument to learn the Guild provides fees that will cover the cost of external tutors for performance. Instrumental tutor fee if and when a tutor is not available through the Guild registered teachers lists or onsite tutors – the student will receive a deduction from their course fee of $300 per term (totalling $1200 per year) to pay towards their external tutorials.
  • Ear Master Pro is available to all students to compliment all online videos provided by the Guild. Ear Master Training Cloud based learning - included in the course fees.
  • Sequencing Software – Soundation online cloud based sequencing software and/or Reaper Software is available for students at no additional cost to the student if the student does not have a sequencing software to complete given tasks - depending on students needs.
  • Notational Software – Noteflight online cloud based notational software and/or Finale Notepad is a free download from Finale and can be resourced for your course work when notational tasks are required.
  • Course books – All course books are available online and students gain access to these as part of their course without any additional fees.
  • Course DVDs/online video – All course video content is available to students online and is posted out to students or access is given for online as part of the course without additional costs other than the student must pay for the postage of returning DVDs once they have completed viewing the set of DVDs.