Exam Enrolment

Enrol to Sit an Exam

Examinations are public and are open to everyone. They are conducted in all States/Territories of Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and China. Students of registered teachers receive a discount on the entry fee.

All examinations provide “recognized prior learning” qualifications for Guild tertiary courses. Examinations also fall into two divisions: practical/performance and written theory.

Theory Examinations:

There are two theory examination dates per year. Centres are established throughout Australia, and the examination is conducted at the same time nationally. An individual report on every examination candidate is returned through the teacher.

Practical/Performance Examinations:

These examinations are conducted by Guild trained and approved examiners who travel to the various examination centres throughout Australia. With Guild arrangement, very remote students may submit a videotape for assessment by examiners. Again, an individual report on every candidate is returned through the teacher. Many areas have two dates per year, but some parts of Australia only have one date per year.

Certificates and Diplomas

Each stream has its own set. Beginner level certificates are automatically provided through the teacher, but from grade 3 on, certificates require an application. The highest levels (Proficiency, Associate, Licentiate and Public Performance) are presented at the annual graduation ceremony.


The Guild maintains an extensive set of publications, the most basic of which is the Guild Handbook that explains all Guild procedures in detail. In addition to each published examination syllabus there are complete syllabus requirement books covering details of each exercise and performance expected at the examination level concerned and past examination papers are available. There are also student theory exercise books and a unique sight reading book for all keyboard and pianoforte players.

Examination Closing Dates