Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

AGME has Job Vacancies from time to time and is currently offering the below to a successful applicant.

Current Job Vacancy

  • Higher Education Quality Assurance Officer

Brief Description

The Australian Guild of Music Education (AGME) wishes to engage a person with responsibility for managing academic quality assurance in AGME’s higher education operations.  Experience in music education and computer literacy is essential.


Position Descriptor

Position Title:

Higher Education Quality Assurance Officer


Higher Education/Bachelor of Music

Reports to:

Committee of Management and Academic Board

Type of Employment:

Permanent Part-Time


Kooyong, Victoria



About the Guild

The Australian Guild of Music Education was founded in 1969 and has been a leading educational and examining body in Australia for over 45 years.

The Guild was formed as a follow on from the London College of Music, which is now a major part of the University of West London.  Since 1969, the Guild has gone from strength to strength. The Guild owns its Faculty of Music in the suburb of Kooyong (Melbourne), Australia and also operates out of locations in 7 countries worldwide.  The Guild is the only examining body operating in Australia that can offer a complete music education program, covering Public Music Examinations, from beginning step levels through all grades to professional Diplomas of Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship.
The Guild’s tertiary program is accredited at both VET and Higher Education levels and can offer Certificate II, III and IV level courses, as well as Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses.

The Guild offers a Bachelor of Music degree and is registered with Higher Education Fee Help.

The Guild pioneered music examinations by video, allowing distance students to achieve music examinations in their own areas.

The Guild’s Music and Speech Education System can be broadly divided into four sections:

  • Public Examinations for music and speech/drama students from introductory to advanced;
  • Certificate II to III for music industry employment;
  • Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma for professional musicians, music teachers and degree preparation; and
  • Bachelor of Music for professional musicians and music teachers.

Guild Mission

Incorporating the best from the past with the achievements of the present into a vision for the future.

The Guild undertakes to do everything possible to achieve the best tuition available for candidates enrolled on tertiary courses and provide a comprehensive public examination system that will prepare students for leisure and tertiary studies in music.

Position Description

The successful candidate will play an important role in the co-ordination of the Guild’s Higher Education sector.  The Higher Education Quality Assurance Officer will be responsible for overseeing the review and implementation of the Guild’s higher education policies.

The successful candidate will be required to coordinate the academic quality assurance of the Guild’s higher education operations.  Candidates should note that the responsibilities set out below are not exhaustive. 

The position coordinates a range of functions, including:

  • Student Admissions;
  • Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer;
  • Assessment and Moderation;
  • Distance Education;
  • Policy Implementation;
  • Benchmarking;
  • Course Delivery and Review; and
  • Academic Governance.

Student Admissions
The successful candidate will be responsible for the implementation of the Guild’s Admissions and Entry Requirements Policy and overseeing the design and application of the Guild’s admission standards.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer
The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Guild’s Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer Policy, assisting the Dean in considering credit and recognition of prior learning applications and reporting those recommendations to the Academic Board.

Assessment and Moderation
The successful candidate will be responsible for the implementation of the Guild’s Assessment, Moderation, Progression and Misconduct Policy, and in particular, overseeing the grading of all assessment tasks and examinations, and coordinating the examiner’s moderation meeting.   This task also includes overseeing the implementation of support mechanisms for students at risk and monitoring student progress.

Distance Education
The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing the Guild’s distance education operations, as well as benchmarking and monitoring delivery, student outcomes and the progress of distance students.  The successful candidate will also be expected to oversee the design and delivery of the distance course.

Policy Implementation
The successful candidate will be required to oversee the implementation of all of the Guild’s academic and management policies.  This will include providing support and leadership to relevant personnel such as year level coordinators, admissions and misconduct officers and grievance officers.

The successful candidate will be responsible for benchmarking the Guild’s academic policies, course content and course delivery with like institutions and initiating reviews wherever necessary to ensure continuous improvement.

Course Delivery and Review
The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Guild’s Bachelor of Music course and making any recommendations for any changes that would improve the course. 

The successful candidate will also be responsible for the development of a regular review schedule for course content, course delivery and academic policies, as well as the implementation of that schedule, following review and approval by the Academic Board.

Academic Governance
The successful candidate will be responsible for reporting to the Academic Board on his/her academic quality assurance activities, and will be required to attend all Academic Board and Committee of Management meetings.

All responsibilities and duties include reporting to the Committee of Management. 


Selection Criteria


  • Masters (or higher) qualification and an established standing in Higher Education leadership and management (essential); and
  • Bachelor of Music (or higher) and substantial music experience (preferred).

Knowledge, Experience and Skills:

  • Demonstrated experience in a management and/or leadership capacity within a higher education institution;
  • Demonstrated experience in policy and course development and review;
  • Demonstrated experience in higher education policy implementation, course coordination and distance delivery;
  • Demonstrated experience in change management and the implementation of policy and management changes;
  • Knowledge and deep understanding of the requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2011 and the Provider Course Accreditation Standards;
  • Evidence of leadership in developing strategies to enhance student participation and success;
  • Demonstrated experience with long-term strategic planning in a collaborative environment;
  • Demonstrated understanding of how to provide a quality higher education learning environment;;
  • Demonstrated understanding of the principles of distance education delivery in a higher education context, and the quality assurance of distance education in that context.

Personal Qualities:

  • Proven leadership abilities;
  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues;
  • High level communication and inter-personal skills;
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative within the established management guidelines.